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Mission Statement:

The mission of Newtown Soccer Club is to provide a safe and positive environment within which the children in our program can learn, develop, and most importantly enjoy their soccer experience. To that end, we have provided this Code of Conduct which we expect to see consistently employed. It is a written reminder that whether playing at a Recreational, Travel or Premier level, soccer is supposed to be fun for the children, and that in addition to technical and tactical development, the concepts of sportsmanship, trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness and good citizenship are taught and demonstrated by players, coaches, parents and spectators. It is our belief that we can be competitive without crossing the line of decent behavior, and we will not tolerate any conduct which is detrimental to the players, the community or the sport.

Newtown Soccer Club reserves the right to make decisions regarding players, coaches, trainers and spectators as it relates to Code of Conduct violations including removing said person from participating in any club practices, events or games where club teams are participating. 

We are looking for a Webmaster

 This member shall manage the Club website. Responsibilities include keeping the site updated, liaison with the website host, and managing Club email accounts.  This member shall be responsible for management of the Club domain names (i.e., newtownsoccerclub.org) and will work with the Treasurer to ensure the domain name registrations remain current.  This member will not commit the Club to any contract, agreement, or promise with a term of more than one year without Board approval.  Please let us know if you are interested in helping, this is a volunteer position, thanks! 

 Click here to read about our superb Coaching staff
The Last Three Open Board Meetings For Spring 2019 - NYA Conference Room
Tuesday April 9th 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Tuesday May 14th 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Tuesday June 11th 7:00-8:00pm
Become a Sponsor 
The Newtown Soccer Club is looking for Sponsors for our 2019 Memorial Tournament. Please reach out if interested or if you know of anyone that is or would be!



If you child needs a jersey for the upcoming Spring 2019 season please follow this link:


The online store will be open until April 4th and Gary will deliver to Fairfield Hills one night the following week for pick up- exact day TBD. U5 and U6 do not neccessarily need jerseys as they do not play actual games, however the little ones do like to have a Newtown shirt!





Please note that due to weather in the fall we are moving these sessions inside at the NYA for Spring 2019

U5 will be at 11:00am Saturdays

U6 will be at 12:00pm on Saturdays


Cleats are NOT allowed in the NYA so indoor shoes or sneakers will do just fine!





New Referee - Grass Roots Training (Formerly - Entry Level Training) registration for 2019 is OPEN!

Grass Roots certification instructions can be found here.

Please visit https://www.ctreferee.net/ for more information on certification.


Are you interested in becoming a regular season referee with Newtown Soccer Club? If you are already certified in the state of CT, CLICK HERE and fill out the contact form. You will then be contacted for further information and assignment details. If you are not yet certified, check out www.ctreferee.net for certification information. Once you are certified, fill out the contact form.


NSC is looking for New Adult Referees

Scholarship opportunities are available, download the form here.
Applications received will be reviewed by the NSC Board on a first come - first serve basis.






Newtown Soccer Club Refund Policy


The Newtown Soccer Club incurs significant costs (equipment, field use, insurance, coaching, administrative salaries, etc.) to provide NSC children the opportunity to play soccer. Many of these costs are incurred before the start of each season. Therefore, certain fees will be deducted from your payment before a refund is issued.

Please take this into consideration as you plan your child’s schedule!

* Fall fees include Spring fees as well. If your child is not playing during the Spring session, a $50.00 refund will be issued and we must know asap, no exceptions *

please email 

Be sure to specify your child’s name and either Travel or Recreational in the Subject Line of your email.



Refer to the tables below for details:


Date of Refund Request                                                                                  Amount Refunded

Before registration closes                                                                                                         90%

After registration closes, but before teams are rostered                                                           80%

After teams are rostered, no position offered                                                                           Full refund

After teams are rostered, position offered                                                                                 None



Date of Refund Request                                                                                  Amount Refunded

Before registration closes                                                                                                       90%

After registration closes, but before first game                                                                      80%

After first scheduled game and/or practice session                                                                None


Children who move out of town after registration but before the season starts will be charged the applicable processing fee and issued a refund for the remainder of their payment. Children who move out of town during the season will receive a prorated refund (minus the applicable processing fees) based on when in the season the child withdraws from the program. Refunds (minus processing fees) will be issued to children who become sick or injured prior to the start of the season and cannot play. Children who become sick or injured during the season will receive a prorated refund (minus processing fees) based on when in the season the child withdraws from the program.


*PLEASE NOTE: Fall players do not incur any additional registration fees for spring season *


For more information on refunds or to request one, please email

Be sure to specify your child’s name and either Travel or Recreational in the Subject Line of your email.






This is an immediate need for ALL travel managers and ALL Travel Coaches and Recreational Parent Coaches to register with the new StackSports (formerly BlueStar) system and take the background check.  This is a new system that is being rolled out by CjSA for 2018-2019 season and background checks are not transferring over. 


Therefore, everyone needs to do this. 


Website: http://newtown.cjsalive.org/home.php


Here is the step by step guide for coach registration (managers will be the same - under choose category - chose coach pool, then under registrant information, under coaching position they would select team manager).  Please ensure picture is uploaded as well:



Newtown Soccer Club Financial Assistance Request Form Spring 2018 below

 https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/6311/NSC Financial Assistance Form 2018 FINAL.docx

Field closures & notifications. Click here for latest field status and to sign-up to receive notifications.

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